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OK, I’ve dug up an old story I started a few millennial ago and there is a lot of news out there about the same idea that I started to put down. But I suppose it’s like any story, there can be lots of other stories that follow the same idea.

Look at romantic comedies. Boy meets girl, boy hates girl, boy falls in love with girl, girl does something to piss off boy, boy morns, boy and girl resolve issue and live happily every after. Want it different? OK! switch the girl and boy and redo the sentence.

The point is the same idea for almost everything has been done time an time again. It’s the person telling the story that usually has a little bit of a different twist. My penal colony story has either been told, postulated, brain stormed on or whatever. I just intend to tell it a little differently and hope people like it.

I don’t have a cover yet cause I can’t decide what it should look like without giving away the whole story. Who wants to know the end by looking at the book cover? I suppose it’s all right so long as the story is VERY good. Mine comes with a nice twist and I have about 1500 words that I went over today. I am adding Penal Colony to my list of to do stories. Albeit it may be the last story developed but you never know where a writers mind can go.

See ya!




Well y’all my writing is expanding. I am expanding my descriptions in my stories on body language, facial expressions and such to give my characters more depth. So naturally it is expanding the volume of words per story.

“Voice of the Dolphin” had now finished the first draft, and is at over 18k words. I expect that to climb during the successive edits. “Alien Singularity” isn’t even in the first draft completion stage yet and it’s at over 30k words.  But the descriptions add to the depth of the scene and helps to conjure up a better mental image.

I love Nathan Lowell books and pod casts because his stories always have such rich descriptions of the scene and characters. The reader or listener when mentalizing (which by the way is my new word in “Christmas 2149) the scenes can better flesh out the characters, the scene, and the action being portrayed.

Anyway, my stories at hand are getting longer so some of them won’t be in my”Snack Reading” category anymore.  I suppose I need another category for novellas.


Hey gang! I finally finished the first draft of Voice of The Dolphin!! This is the very first story I ever thought up and started to write! The first draft is coming in at between 18,000 and 19,000 words but I can see that expanding on the re-writes.

I now have to do what bakers call “proofing”. Bakers put together the dough, need it and put it in a pan covered with a tea towel and let the dough proof. During this stage of baking the dough rises and the baker comes back an punches the dough down and sometimes lets it proof again before creating a baker’s masterpiece.

Well the same holds true with writers. Once we finish a story, we gotta put on the side and let it “proof” for awhile before doing successive edits.  I gotta let Voice sit there for awhile and work on other stories like Alien Singularity, or My Dad the Computer, or Vacation Earth or who knows, something entirely new. Then after a few weeks, I can do the 2nd edit on Voice.

I may have, and probably will, have MANY edits before I feel it is ready for y’all to read. A friend of mine who I have mentioned frequently, Jeff Brackett author of the powerhouse novel, Half Past Midnight, gave me an idea a few years ago that I will do for my final edit. I will load my polished work into my Kindle and let it read it back to me!! Why? Well when you’re too close to something like writers are to their stories, we can read a passage over and over again and may not find the error that a first time editor would find immediately! Why? Because even though we may read the bad passage, misspelled word, horrible English. in our minds voice, it knows what it should be and substitutes the correct reading in our MIND! But having my Kindle read it back to me, my mind cannot slop over the error since it is “out there”.

So I am hoping to have Voice out by mid-summer. Wish me luck and y’all will be up to a nice reading treat!


Keep on reading!



Hey gang! Well I am off on another one of my stories. This one was in the very first group of stories that I brainstormed on about 25 years ago. The first group was My Dad the Computer, Voice of the Dolphin, and Flat Tire. Then my sister in law, my brother, my sister  and I brainstormed on a story, a comedy no less, call Oops! We were all partying at my house in Metairie during a summer barbeque  and were a little inebriated and more.  It’s about a golfer that gets taken “accidentally” because their is an illegal soul in heaven causing problems. He has to prove he was taken righteously and it has to be before his wife remarries. (She’s VERY codependent and can’t live on her own.)

Anyway, I am kinda of stuck on Alien Singularity, and Vacation Earth, but I visited Voice of the Dolphin and started to fix the really horrible writing that my early writings have shown to be. For some reason, Voice just came alive again!  Mental moves flashed through my brain, the plot went from a very middle class family to an upper middle class family and my scenes have become much more descriptive! So I will work on Voice for awhile and maybe, just maybe I can finish a first draft of Voice and let that proof. Proof is a term in baking where you let the dough sit and rise before working it again. Well that is also my term for letting the first draft sit for awhile before doing the second rewrite. It allows the details of the story to kinda evaporate from my mind (mainly because I will be working on another story) so when I get back to Voice will have proofed for a couple weeks to a couple months. Only then is it a candidate for the second rewrite.

Between Voice, Alien Singularity, and Vacation Earth, I am hoping to have at least one completed ready for me to put out there by summer. Also once I get another one published  I will begin a draft on my previously three stories. No major rewrite just gotta clean them up a little.

Talk to y’all later! Keep on reading!


Just when I thought things were going so well!  I have reached a stage in AS where it’s going no where at this time!  The story in writing itself, as most stories do, has decided that I have to “tweak” a few things before continuing to the end.  I tell it that we need to get to the end FIRST and then in rewrite #1 we’ll address some of its concerns.

So now the story has shut down on me!  Yeah, imagine that! All that I have done to bring this story to life out of my own imagination, the birthing pains I had to go through to begin to put fingers to keys, and now it just wants to sit there and do nothing!  Well FINE! I’ll just go work on Vacation Earth or something.

I’m sure we’ll make up and continue to the end of the first draft. You’d think that this is my first story. I told it that I had written three stories already and that pissed it off! But I told the story that it was the best one I was writing so far! I mean we’re over the thirty thousand word mark, and I never wrote those many words with any of my other stories.  The story says that we just need a little break and then we can look at it fresh again, so I’m going to go visit some of my other stories waiting for me to do something with them for awhile and AS and I will get back together soon. But I miss AS already!


A writer’s process is never a linear transition.  I was planning on wrapping up Vacation Earth and having it published by now. My creativity, though, took a little detour, hell, it stalled out for awhile. While I was out of my primary income producing vocation, i.e. laid off, I thought I would have plenty of time to work on my creations. I currently have six stories that I am working on, and a few more that are just in the brainstorming state.

I stalled out on Vacation Earth because the story was going down a boring path. I decided to work on Alien Singularity and it has taken off! I am at around 26,000 words so I have passed out of the Novelette sized story into the Novella sized story so my trademark Snack Reading won’t apply. I’m going to have to invent another Barry-gory form my new longer works.

AS has been guiding itself as most stories do. We authors don’t have the luxury of putting only our own ideas on paper but once a story starts to evolve, sometimes (or most of the time for me) it decides what direction it wants to go. Originally in AS Jack, the main character, had a girlfriend, but now she’s his sister. Wait, I don’t mean that there is any incest, just the character of Lisa changed from being his girlfriend to his sister. Boy y’all have such dirty minds!

Well that started a whole new direction for the story, one that I think is going to be more interesting. His neighbor down the block is a young reporter and she gets to become the romantic  interest in the story. (Should it be ropersonic since these fems are tying to desexualize these such words?) Anyway, Jack was also supposed to have two friends that get hooked into his adventure, but now that just seemed too three stooges like and the story decided it didn’t want that as part of itself. I am hoping to have AS finished and published by summer.

Christmas 2149 is back on track again. I read it and got a little excited about the story. I have having a little dismay about the first chapter. It sets the stage and I know in stories it’s always “show me don’t tell me” and the first chapter may become integrated within the telling part but for now to set the state of the USA and the world, the tell me is a lot cleaner at least for now. I am hoping for a release by Christmas 2013. I am also thinking about entering into the Ron L. Hubbard story contest, but I’ll have to see how it comes out and if I feel I would have a chance in submitting the story.  Yeah I know, no guts no glory!

Writing is a very personal thing and I once read that a the best stories are the ones that writer’s write for themselves and not for others.  So fare my Snack Reading has been well received by a lot of people. I have reread them and they need to come down for an overhaul. Since my writing skills have improved.

That’s it for now! Keep reading and you writers keep writing.





Well I’ve been gone for awhile from posting anything, but I was in kinda of a funk for awhile. I really didn’t wasn’t to do any type of internet posting, Twitter, WordPress, Face Book. I don’t know why, I suppose I just got tired of the whole cyber oriented society and all. But, I over came that and I am back.

Alien Singularity is humming along. It has rewritten parts itself like stories have a tendency to do, but it’s coming along. I actually am working on several stories besides AS.

Voice of the Dolphin has been under way for years if not decades. Just  a story I cannot seem to finish the first draft. That story has worked on itself for awhile also.

Vacation Earth is one that I am bouncing back to when I get stuck on AS. It two has been on the writing easel for some time now. I have a beginning, an ending but the middle is causing me grief. (Yeah, I know the middle is probably the most important.)

Christmas 2159 was suppose to be out by Christmas 2012. OK, so now I suppose it will be Christmas 2012. Hell, I still have 147 Christmas’ before I have to rename the story.

My Dad the Computer. My very first story that I started on.  It’s a cool action packed story (so far only in my mind) but I am having problems with the action. It too has gone through rewrites mainly to up grade the electronics and vehicles used in the story.

Penal Colony – This one has been totally outlined, just the fleshing out is the problem.

Memory Virus – a new comer to the collection of my unfinished works.

Age Diet – Conceptualized about the same time as MV.  Some work but no plot. It has an interesting theme but we’ll see what happens.

Bye-Bye Please Don’t Write – New story not much work done.

Having a full time day job and a wife that works until 7:00 pm daily, is proving to be kind of a hardship. My funk played the worst part in my writing but I am working on that and writing again.

I have a 16gig key-chain USB so I can take my work with me! At down times at work (my lunch hour in other words) I work on my stories some. I at least put outline notes and then flesh them out from there.

I am trying to get more description into my stories. Explaining the characters moods, facial expressions, body movements etc. bring more life to the stories. After reading stories by Nathan Lowell and others,, I see how thoroughly showing character expressions and movements bring more clarity and realism to the story being told.

We’ve also been battling boom-a-rang kids. You know the adult kids that bring their kids, animals and problems and seek refuge until they can get a job/a better job/over a divorce/ or what ever. We have a 4 bedroom two story and our master is on the first floor with three bedrooms, a bath, and a playroom upstairs.

I had one of the bedrooms set up as my work out room,  with my bow-flex, total gym and a 32″ flat-screen on the wall. Nice setup and nice place to exercise. The smallest of the bedrooms upstairs is set up as an  office. When the youngest child moved back with her 3 year old, my exercise room became his bedroom and my exercise room was moved to my office.  That sucked because I had to fold up the equipment and unfold the equipment every time I wanted to use it, plus no TV to watch as I exercised to help get through my daily PT (Personal Torture) .

Once she moved out, we crammed the kids bed and stuff into the largest bedroom that functions as the guest room and I got my exercise room back. Yeah! When the come to visit they still have places to sleep. Just not set up as a two bedroom apartment.

So now I am back into and exercise program to loose the 40 or so lbs. I have  been trying to loose, an I a back to writing. Keep watching. I hope to e-publish soon.



Alien Singularity has surpassed 16,000 words. Can’t believe that I am so long-winded in this story. My plot has taken a turn. I had my protagonist, Jack, having to spill his alien secret with his two friends and ultimately had to take them along in his FTL morph to the platform in space. But now, he has a junior reporter who is a neighbor. She notices something strange about the goings on around his house and ti arises her suspicions.

Jack also has girlfriend problems and parts ways with his girlfriend of six months. (He thought she was the one nice, person but after six months, her true colors bled through! Sound familiar guys??) Anyway he winds up falling for the reporter and she for him and she accompanies him on the FTL journey to the platform with a promise that she can do an exclusive later. Jack agrees. But little does she know what the sentient saucer has install for her. Bru-ha-haha-ha-cough!

This may sound like a lot of HUH? but it will all be explained once the story hits the uh, cyber news stands.



Well I was really getting excited about my posts. My “Daily Rave” I thought, was gathering followers. One of my writing buddies, however, popped my balloon and informed me that the majority of the comments were SPAM! Once I examined the responses a little closer, I saw that they were tied to web sites that may contain infections viruses once clicked. So I deleted the comments. Bummer! Just goes to show ya that the world is an evil place!

At least I have one fan that said he liked reading my stories. His comment said he had a cold and couldn’t stay awake for more than an hour at a time, and my Snack Readings are, well, meant to be read “In about an Hour!” That was a nice testimony to the branding of my stories with Snack Reading!

Working on my next release “Alien Singularity”.  Yeah, I know I said I was working on other works but the plots on three of my stories, “Voice of the Dolphin”, “Vacation Earth”, and “My Dad the Computer” kind of came to a temporary impasse. Writing is not an easy task, ask any writer. It takes a lot of time, and imagination, and sometimes there is a deficit of either or both.

Yesterday I wrote over 5,000 words on  “Alien Singularity”! I was ON FIRE!. If I could do that daily, I could be done with the first draft  in a week!  I sent what I had to my “editor” Robbin in Calgary. He’s a close friend but he DOES read my stories and offer good, constructive criticism that really enhances the plot and story. He also finds obvious grammatical problems. It’s not the perfect solution but one that I can afford at this time. Getting friends or anyone to read and comment on my writings is near impossibly unless they’re a paid editor. Oh well!

Once I get the story down to where I think it’s “perfect” and ready for prime time, I am going to take my writer friend Jeff Brackett’s advice  and format the story for my Kindle and let IT read it back to me.  The problem with an author proof reading their own material is that we know what we want to say but often our brain overpowers our eyes and we think we see the correct word, or phrase written.  I read one part of a story I wrote over five times and STILL, didn’t see the problem until it was pointed out to me!

Have a great weekend, and it’s nice fall weather here in Katy, Texas! Well at least for today!


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I will let y’all know what I find out.
Thanks for reading my blog!

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