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Voice of the Dolphin – FIRST DRAFT COMPLETED!!!

June 25, 2014

Well it finally happened! After a twenty-five year stretch I finally finished “Voice of the Dolphin – The Beginning “. First draft topped out at 33,351 words and I expect that to grow to at least 40k by the time the second draft has been completed. So how many drafts are there you ask? Glad […]

Voice of the Dolphin and Alien Singularity

October 6, 2013

Well I have finished the first draft of both Voice and Alien. I am now in the 2nd draft of both and just don’t have enough time in the day to work on both. I also still need to fix the three novelettes I have published already. Problems have been pointed out to me and […]

Been gone for awhile!

September 9, 2013

Hey y’all! Looking at my last post, April, it’s been a few months! Oops! I have finished first draft of Alien Singularity and Voice of the Dolphin! Whoop! I now have them “proofing”. Kind of like what a baker does when he makes bread. He leaves the dough for a few hours to rise or […]

Voice of the Dolphin – First Draft Finished! Only took 30 years!

March 21, 2013

Hey gang! I finally finished the first draft of Voice of The Dolphin!! This is the very first story I ever thought up and started to write! The first draft is coming in at between 18,000 and 19,000 words but I can see that expanding on the re-writes. I now have to do what bakers […]

Voice of the Dolphin

March 17, 2013

Hey gang! Well I am off on another one of my stories. This one was in the very first group of stories that I brainstormed on about 25 years ago. The first group was My Dad the Computer, Voice of the Dolphin, and Flat Tire. Then my sister in law, my brother, my sister  and […]

Alien Singularity – Stalled!

March 9, 2013

Just when I thought things were going so well!  I have reached a stage in AS where it’s going no where at this time!  The story in writing itself, as most stories do, has decided that I have to “tweak” a few things before continuing to the end.  I tell it that we need to […]

Alien Singularity, Christmas 2149 And Vacation Earth

February 23, 2013

A writer’s process is never a linear transition.  I was planning on wrapping up Vacation Earth and having it published by now. My creativity, though, took a little detour, hell, it stalled out for awhile. While I was out of my primary income producing vocation, i.e. laid off, I thought I would have plenty of […]

Back to Alien Singularity surpassed 16,000 words

November 18, 2012

Alien Singularity has surpassed 16,000 words. Can’t believe that I am so long-winded in this story. My plot has taken a turn. I had my protagonist, Jack, having to spill his alien secret with his two friends and ultimately had to take them along in his FTL morph to the platform in space. But now, […]

Reinventing myself – Getting employed in hard times

August 16, 2012

Being laid off in an economically depressed economy is a bummer! It’s especially a f@#&ing bummer when your expertise lies in a machine and its technology that is being slowly replaced and you’re old enough to remember when you were a single teen and saw the Beatles in live concert! (Ok the math may not […]

Chapterizing – Not as bad as I had thought

January 25, 2012

After reading Nathan Lowell’s short “A Light in the Dark” and seeing that he put chapters in his novelette or novella which ever it was, I decided that I needed to put chapters into my three currently finished novelettes. I was expecting the process to be difficult, I know I am like most humans I […]