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Voice of the Dolphin – FIRST DRAFT COMPLETED!!!

Well it finally happened! After a twenty-five year stretch I finally finished “Voice of the Dolphin – The Beginning “. First draft topped out at 33,351 words and I expect that to grow to at least 40k by the time the second draft has been completed. So how many drafts are there you ask? Glad you asked. It goes like this.

  1. 1st draft, as described so delicately by Earnest Hemingway:
    Ernest Hemingway

    “The first draft of anything is shit.”

    Ernest Hemingway

    All righty then so now I know where my first draft stands. Now my second draft I go through and make sure there is continuity. If the girlfriend is Natalie at the beginning then she better damn well not be Jennifer any where in the story. It sound stupid but it happens. There are some movies where the continuity controller screwed up.

P.S. I Love You (2007)

Continuity mistake: After Gerry gets smacked in the face by the ‘broken’ suspender clasp, we see the silver clasp land under the dresser. Yet, when he’s moaning and lifting his leg to get onto the bed, we can actually see the clasp still intact on the front suspender that came loose, which is dangling right behind him (just look between his legs). Of course, in the next shot, that clasp is gone. Since the silver clasp is one of the plot points, this is bizarre to say the least.

My second pass is  the spelling pass. This may sound stupid with spelling checks and all but sometimes the automatic spell check changes a word to one that is not even close to the word that I was thinking of in the sentence.

My third pass is the punctuation pass. Yeah, I still have problems with commas and stuff.

My fourth pass after all the above are done is the readability. How does it read? Is it too formal? Is it too casual? Will it be acceptable to wide audience. I general try to write for the over 18 audience. I want my stories not t have someone to need a dictionary to get through the story. So I suppose my stories would be what is called Young Adult. But that doesn’t mean that’s the ONLY audience that reads the story.

I had a mother give me 5 stars on Switched in Time and said she read some of the story to her daughter over the phone and that her daughter was hooked and had to read the story.  Now that is like way cool! She said she is anxious for my next story and to please not stop writing! I love her!

My reviews average out to a 4, and to me that is significant. I use the modified Olympics method and discard the 1’s and 2’s and it all looks good to me! At least people are reading my stories! That’s all I can ask.

Thing is if you’re a writer, and you are thin skinned, then forget writing and being a stand up comedian. But, if your skin has a thickness to it, the damn the torpedoes and full speed ahead!!




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