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Reviews, Reviews, Reviews

I have had my three stories out there for a few years now. I have taken them down, and performed an edit when my readers find specific problems with my writing. I thank all my readers for downloading my stories and reading them. I thank my readers that post reviews on what they thought of the story. Now writers have to be like stand up comedians; be prepared for the criticism, and have a tough skin.

I have gotten 4’s and 5’s, and 3’s and 2’s and 1’s and that is perfectly fine. Those that like the store and give me a 3-5 but tell me that there are some grammatical problems that need to be fixed, I love y’all to death. Those that say it was the ‘worst piece of trash that they have ever read’ or ‘it’s been done’ or ‘the story reads like an 8th grade project’, well I thank you also. People who truly enjoy reading will find good in any story, well practically.

Those wanna be writers but can’t, (and some become critics) are the ones that will NEVER be satisfied with any author’s work. Like a food critic. Although the best review for restaurants when I was living home in New Orleans, and a traveling food critic was sampling foods from “holes in the wall” restaurants in New Orleans and Metairie¬† said, ” Out of all the holes in the wall eateries I have tried, after eating at all the little hardly known places in the New Orleans area, I have but one thing to say; the were all good!!!” Reviews like this are absolutely fantastic and far and few in-between.


Story reviews are like the Olympics; disregard the very high and very low reviews and concentrate on the middle. This is where the REAL readers live.

So whadda y’all think?



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