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Published works; Re-edited them over the Holidays

Happy New Year everyone! I spent my holiday time editing my published works. Flat Tire, For the Sake of Art, and Switched in Time were re-edited based on some of the same comments from my readers. I’m  not going to tell you what got edited you’ll just have to read them again.

My schedule releases have changed. Haven’t been having much progress on my new writings.

Vacation Earth – Kind  of stalled right now. I know where the plot needs to go but I’m having some problems with the middle.

My Dad the Computer – I’ve actually been working on this for the last 20 years! I know right! I just keep pushing other projects ahead of this one. I am also having a problem with the middle to the ending.

Voice of the Dolphin – 1st draft completed. Second draft underway. Lots of new ideas on this.

Alien Singularity – 2nd draft underway. Some parts are getting a total renewal, but that’s writing.

Christmas 2149 – Still first draft. I might be 2149 before I finish! The beginning has too much overview like five pages. Cut it down to a page and the characters will fill in what I want by their actions and conversations.

Age Diet – Have done some work on this. Still not sure on the plot but it’s getting there.

Memory Virus – Still mostly in the idea, brain storm level.

Penal Colony – Under way even though my writing on this is like every few months. It too need more brain storming and all. It also needs a book cover that I am having a hard time visualizing.

So that’s my update for 2014. Making progress but as a part time writer. Come on Lotto, then I could write full time AND afford a good editor.


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