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Voice of the Dolphin and Alien Singularity

Well I have finished the first draft of both Voice and Alien. I am now in the 2nd draft of both and just don’t have enough time in the day to work on both. I also still need to fix the three novelettes I have published already. Problems have been pointed out to me and in reading them again, I really need to do another draft.

Alien and Voice are in the novella area now and both are going over 40k words. They may even go higher with some of the rewrites. I am adding more emotion to my scenes in the way of subtle body motions like we do in real life. You know shrugs, eye rolls, sighs etc. It adds more realism to the scenes.

If they get to the 50k size I may see if i can publish them as books, and if I do I may hire a professional editor. My friend Jeff Brackett, writer of Half Past Midnight, and other works seems to be doing well and raves about his editor.  He as several blogs and belongs to everything writing. I am still just a hobbyist and if I really want to get serious I have to pump up the volume so to speak.


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