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He is risen indeed!

For those non-Christians, that is the response to “He is risen!” The statement and answer the over two billion Christians proudly pronounced our Savior alive and within our ranks! Yes I am a Christian and have been all my life. For many years, though, I was not a practicing Christian and I rarely spoke to Jesus. However an event happened to me on Oct. 2003 on the streets of Houston at lunch—I was born again and committed my life to Jesus Christ!

Since the I have a voracious appetite for reading anything that furthers my knowledge of the Bible. Did you know that there are over 20,000 copies of the New Testament and that the amount of errors between these over the centuries is less than 1% and that the errors or differences do not pertain to the Christian basic belief? Most errors are spelling errors or word interpretation errors.  Like using Jesus Christ in one copy and Our Lord in another. It doesn’t change the belief.

The only other book that has numerous is Homer’s Odyssey. I think the number of surviving manuscripts is 90. Reading books like A case for Christ by Lee Strobel who’s personal journey as a Chicago newsman and a devout anesthetist in the beginning, proved to himself in his research that Christ is real, Jesus lives, and is now a devout Christian.

As I am proving more, and more to myself that Jesus Christ is my Savior and that he died on the cross for our sins so that we may all go to heaven and be with him put pure joy in my life!

On this Easter Sunday night, yes I watched the Bible, I wish all of you the love of Jesus and if you’re not already a Christian look into Christianity and not just from a passing view. I find it difficult NOT to believe. One paper I wrote in College, Belhaven University a Christian university was a paper on the disciples of Jesus.  All of them died for preaching the word of Jesus and would you die for a lie? If it wasn’t true, would you continue preaching His word knowing once you get caught it meant a horrific torture and death? No I think not!

But on this most holy of Christian days when Jesus Christ arose from the dead and proved he was the son of God, I wish all of you a very happy Easter.


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