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Penal Colony

OK, I’ve dug up an old story I started a few millennial ago and there is a lot of news out there about the same idea that I started to put down. But I suppose it’s like any story, there can be lots of other stories that follow the same idea.

Look at romantic comedies. Boy meets girl, boy hates girl, boy falls in love with girl, girl does something to piss off boy, boy morns, boy and girl resolve issue and live happily every after. Want it different? OK! switch the girl and boy and redo the sentence.

The point is the same idea for almost everything has been done time an time again. It’s the person telling the story that usually has a little bit of a different twist. My penal colony story has either been told, postulated, brain stormed on or whatever. I just intend to tell it a little differently and hope people like it.

I don’t have a cover yet cause I can’t decide what it should look like without giving away the whole story. Who wants to know the end by looking at the book cover? I suppose it’s all right so long as the story is VERY good. Mine comes with a nice twist and I have about 1500 words that I went over today. I am adding Penal Colony to my list of to do stories. Albeit it may be the last story developed but you never know where a writers mind can go.

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