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Novelettes becoming Novellas

Well y’all my writing is expanding. I am expanding my descriptions in my stories on body language, facial expressions and such to give my characters more depth. So naturally it is expanding the volume of words per story.

“Voice of the Dolphin” had now finished the first draft, and is at over 18k words. I expect that to climb during the successive edits. “Alien Singularity” isn’t even in the first draft completion stage yet and it’s at over 30k words.  But the descriptions add to the depth of the scene and helps to conjure up a better mental image.

I love Nathan Lowell books and pod casts because his stories always have such rich descriptions of the scene and characters. The reader or listener when mentalizing (which by the way is my new word in “Christmas 2149) the scenes can better flesh out the characters, the scene, and the action being portrayed.

Anyway, my stories at hand are getting longer so some of them won’t be in my”Snack Reading” category anymore.  I suppose I need another category for novellas.


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