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Voice of the Dolphin – First Draft Finished! Only took 30 years!

Hey gang! I finally finished the first draft of Voice of The Dolphin!! This is the very first story I ever thought up and started to write! The first draft is coming in at between 18,000 and 19,000 words but I can see that expanding on the re-writes.

I now have to do what bakers call “proofing”. Bakers put together the dough, need it and put it in a pan covered with a tea towel and let the dough proof. During this stage of baking the dough rises and the baker comes back an punches the dough down and sometimes lets it proof again before creating a baker’s masterpiece.

Well the same holds true with writers. Once we finish a story, we gotta put on the side and let it “proof” for awhile before doing successive edits.  I gotta let Voice sit there for awhile and work on other stories like Alien Singularity, or My Dad the Computer, or Vacation Earth or who knows, something entirely new. Then after a few weeks, I can do the 2nd edit on Voice.

I may have, and probably will, have MANY edits before I feel it is ready for y’all to read. A friend of mine who I have mentioned frequently, Jeff Brackett author of the powerhouse novel, Half Past Midnight, gave me an idea a few years ago that I will do for my final edit. I will load my polished work into my Kindle and let it read it back to me!! Why? Well when you’re too close to something like writers are to their stories, we can read a passage over and over again and may not find the error that a first time editor would find immediately! Why? Because even though we may read the bad passage, misspelled word, horrible English. in our minds voice, it knows what it should be and substitutes the correct reading in our MIND! But having my Kindle read it back to me, my mind cannot slop over the error since it is “out there”.

So I am hoping to have Voice out by mid-summer. Wish me luck and y’all will be up to a nice reading treat!


Keep on reading!



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