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Voice of the Dolphin

Hey gang! Well I am off on another one of my stories. This one was in the very first group of stories that I brainstormed on about 25 years ago. The first group was My Dad the Computer, Voice of the Dolphin, and Flat Tire. Then my sister in law, my brother, my sister  and I brainstormed on a story, a comedy no less, call Oops! We were all partying at my house in Metairie during a summer barbeque  and were a little inebriated and more.  It’s about a golfer that gets taken “accidentally” because their is an illegal soul in heaven causing problems. He has to prove he was taken righteously and it has to be before his wife remarries. (She’s VERY codependent and can’t live on her own.)

Anyway, I am kinda of stuck on Alien Singularity, and Vacation Earth, but I visited Voice of the Dolphin and started to fix the really horrible writing that my early writings have shown to be. For some reason, Voice just came alive again!  Mental moves flashed through my brain, the plot went from a very middle class family to an upper middle class family and my scenes have become much more descriptive! So I will work on Voice for awhile and maybe, just maybe I can finish a first draft of Voice and let that proof. Proof is a term in baking where you let the dough sit and rise before working it again. Well that is also my term for letting the first draft sit for awhile before doing the second rewrite. It allows the details of the story to kinda evaporate from my mind (mainly because I will be working on another story) so when I get back to Voice will have proofed for a couple weeks to a couple months. Only then is it a candidate for the second rewrite.

Between Voice, Alien Singularity, and Vacation Earth, I am hoping to have at least one completed ready for me to put out there by summer. Also once I get another one published  I will begin a draft on my previously three stories. No major rewrite just gotta clean them up a little.

Talk to y’all later! Keep on reading!


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