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Alien Singularity – Stalled!

Just when I thought things were going so well!  I have reached a stage in AS where it’s going no where at this time!  The story in writing itself, as most stories do, has decided that I have to “tweak” a few things before continuing to the end.  I tell it that we need to get to the end FIRST and then in rewrite #1 we’ll address some of its concerns.

So now the story has shut down on me!  Yeah, imagine that! All that I have done to bring this story to life out of my own imagination, the birthing pains I had to go through to begin to put fingers to keys, and now it just wants to sit there and do nothing!  Well FINE! I’ll just go work on Vacation Earth or something.

I’m sure we’ll make up and continue to the end of the first draft. You’d think that this is my first story. I told it that I had written three stories already and that pissed it off! But I told the story that it was the best one I was writing so far! I mean we’re over the thirty thousand word mark, and I never wrote those many words with any of my other stories.  The story says that we just need a little break and then we can look at it fresh again, so I’m going to go visit some of my other stories waiting for me to do something with them for awhile and AS and I will get back together soon. But I miss AS already!


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