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Alien Singularity, Christmas 2149 And Vacation Earth

A writer’s process is never a linear transition.  I was planning on wrapping up Vacation Earth and having it published by now. My creativity, though, took a little detour, hell, it stalled out for awhile. While I was out of my primary income producing vocation, i.e. laid off, I thought I would have plenty of time to work on my creations. I currently have six stories that I am working on, and a few more that are just in the brainstorming state.

I stalled out on Vacation Earth because the story was going down a boring path. I decided to work on Alien Singularity and it has taken off! I am at around 26,000 words so I have passed out of the Novelette sized story into the Novella sized story so my trademark Snack Reading won’t apply. I’m going to have to invent another Barry-gory form my new longer works.

AS has been guiding itself as most stories do. We authors don’t have the luxury of putting only our own ideas on paper but once a story starts to evolve, sometimes (or most of the time for me) it decides what direction it wants to go. Originally in AS Jack, the main character, had a girlfriend, but now she’s his sister. Wait, I don’t mean that there is any incest, just the character of Lisa changed from being his girlfriend to his sister. Boy y’all have such dirty minds!

Well that started a whole new direction for the story, one that I think is going to be more interesting. His neighbor down the block is a young reporter and she gets to become the romantic  interest in the story. (Should it be ropersonic since these fems are tying to desexualize these such words?) Anyway, Jack was also supposed to have two friends that get hooked into his adventure, but now that just seemed too three stooges like and the story decided it didn’t want that as part of itself. I am hoping to have AS finished and published by summer.

Christmas 2149 is back on track again. I read it and got a little excited about the story. I have having a little dismay about the first chapter. It sets the stage and I know in stories it’s always “show me don’t tell me” and the first chapter may become integrated within the telling part but for now to set the state of the USA and the world, the tell me is a lot cleaner at least for now. I am hoping for a release by Christmas 2013. I am also thinking about entering into the Ron L. Hubbard story contest, but I’ll have to see how it comes out and if I feel I would have a chance in submitting the story.  Yeah I know, no guts no glory!

Writing is a very personal thing and I once read that a the best stories are the ones that writer’s write for themselves and not for others.  So fare my Snack Reading has been well received by a lot of people. I have reread them and they need to come down for an overhaul. Since my writing skills have improved.

That’s it for now! Keep reading and you writers keep writing.





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