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Alien Singularity – February Update

Well I’ve been gone for awhile from posting anything, but I was in kinda of a funk for awhile. I really didn’t wasn’t to do any type of internet posting, Twitter, WordPress, Face Book. I don’t know why, I suppose I just got tired of the whole cyber oriented society and all. But, I over came that and I am back.

Alien Singularity is humming along. It has rewritten parts itself like stories have a tendency to do, but it’s coming along. I actually am working on several stories besides AS.

Voice of the Dolphin has been under way for years if not decades. Just  a story I cannot seem to finish the first draft. That story has worked on itself for awhile also.

Vacation Earth is one that I am bouncing back to when I get stuck on AS. It two has been on the writing easel for some time now. I have a beginning, an ending but the middle is causing me grief. (Yeah, I know the middle is probably the most important.)

Christmas 2159 was suppose to be out by Christmas 2012. OK, so now I suppose it will be Christmas 2012. Hell, I still have 147 Christmas’ before I have to rename the story.

My Dad the Computer. My very first story that I started on.  It’s a cool action packed story (so far only in my mind) but I am having problems with the action. It too has gone through rewrites mainly to up grade the electronics and vehicles used in the story.

Penal Colony – This one has been totally outlined, just the fleshing out is the problem.

Memory Virus – a new comer to the collection of my unfinished works.

Age Diet – Conceptualized about the same time as MV.  Some work but no plot. It has an interesting theme but we’ll see what happens.

Bye-Bye Please Don’t Write – New story not much work done.

Having a full time day job and a wife that works until 7:00 pm daily, is proving to be kind of a hardship. My funk played the worst part in my writing but I am working on that and writing again.

I have a 16gig key-chain USB so I can take my work with me! At down times at work (my lunch hour in other words) I work on my stories some. I at least put outline notes and then flesh them out from there.

I am trying to get more description into my stories. Explaining the characters moods, facial expressions, body movements etc. bring more life to the stories. After reading stories by Nathan Lowell and others,, I see how thoroughly showing character expressions and movements bring more clarity and realism to the story being told.

We’ve also been battling boom-a-rang kids. You know the adult kids that bring their kids, animals and problems and seek refuge until they can get a job/a better job/over a divorce/ or what ever. We have a 4 bedroom two story and our master is on the first floor with three bedrooms, a bath, and a playroom upstairs.

I had one of the bedrooms set up as my work out room,  with my bow-flex, total gym and a 32″ flat-screen on the wall. Nice setup and nice place to exercise. The smallest of the bedrooms upstairs is set up as an  office. When the youngest child moved back with her 3 year old, my exercise room became his bedroom and my exercise room was moved to my office.  That sucked because I had to fold up the equipment and unfold the equipment every time I wanted to use it, plus no TV to watch as I exercised to help get through my daily PT (Personal Torture) .

Once she moved out, we crammed the kids bed and stuff into the largest bedroom that functions as the guest room and I got my exercise room back. Yeah! When the come to visit they still have places to sleep. Just not set up as a two bedroom apartment.

So now I am back into and exercise program to loose the 40 or so lbs. I have  been trying to loose, an I a back to writing. Keep watching. I hope to e-publish soon.



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