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Back to Alien Singularity surpassed 16,000 words

Alien Singularity has surpassed 16,000 words. Can’t believe that I am so long-winded in this story. My plot has taken a turn. I had my protagonist, Jack, having to spill his alien secret with his two friends and ultimately had to take them along in his FTL morph to the platform in space. But now, he has a junior reporter who is a neighbor. She notices something strange about the goings on around his house and ti arises her suspicions.

Jack also has girlfriend problems and parts ways with his girlfriend of six months. (He thought she was the one nice, person but after six months, her true colors bled through! Sound familiar guys??) Anyway he winds up falling for the reporter and she for him and she accompanies him on the FTL journey to the platform with a promise that she can do an exclusive later. Jack agrees. But little does she know what the sentient saucer has install for her. Bru-ha-haha-ha-cough!

This may sound like a lot of HUH? but it will all be explained once the story hits the uh, cyber news stands.



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