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Spam Comments/ New Story/General Stuff

Well I was really getting excited about my posts. My “Daily Rave” I thought, was gathering followers. One of my writing buddies, however, popped my balloon and informed me that the majority of the comments were SPAM! Once I examined the responses a little closer, I saw that they were tied to web sites that may contain infections viruses once clicked. So I deleted the comments. Bummer! Just goes to show ya that the world is an evil place!

At least I have one fan that said he liked reading my stories. His comment said he had a cold and couldn’t stay awake for more than an hour at a time, and my Snack Readings are, well, meant to be read “In about an Hour!” That was a nice testimony to the branding of my stories with Snack Reading!

Working on my next release “Alien Singularity”.  Yeah, I know I said I was working on other works but the plots on three of my stories, “Voice of the Dolphin”, “Vacation Earth”, and “My Dad the Computer” kind of came to a temporary impasse. Writing is not an easy task, ask any writer. It takes a lot of time, and imagination, and sometimes there is a deficit of either or both.

Yesterday I wrote over 5,000 words on  “Alien Singularity”! I was ON FIRE!. If I could do that daily, I could be done with the first draft  in a week!  I sent what I had to my “editor” Robbin in Calgary. He’s a close friend but he DOES read my stories and offer good, constructive criticism that really enhances the plot and story. He also finds obvious grammatical problems. It’s not the perfect solution but one that I can afford at this time. Getting friends or anyone to read and comment on my writings is near impossibly unless they’re a paid editor. Oh well!

Once I get the story down to where I think it’s “perfect” and ready for prime time, I am going to take my writer friend Jeff Brackett’s advice  and format the story for my Kindle and let IT read it back to me.  The problem with an author proof reading their own material is that we know what we want to say but often our brain overpowers our eyes and we think we see the correct word, or phrase written.  I read one part of a story I wrote over five times and STILL, didn’t see the problem until it was pointed out to me!

Have a great weekend, and it’s nice fall weather here in Katy, Texas! Well at least for today!


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