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Voters and picture ID – Evil intentions!

I really have no idea how widespread voter fraud is or even if is a chronic  problem at all, but I am all for a picture ID being shown at the polls. What’s wrong with being assured that only qualified US citizen voters cast their vote and not illegals or non-citizens?

What really gets my goat is the assumption by some people, mainly Democrats, that requiring a voter picture ID is an attempt by the evil other parties of trying to harass the poor, elderly, and minorities, so that these assumed  Democrats cannot cast their vote, thereby allowing the Republicans to win major elections! And it is also assumed  that the ability for these less fortunate to get a picture ID is an extremely undo hardship because of no transportation, chronic health conditions, or nobody to help them! They may have to wait OVER an hour at an authorized photo ID center! How HORRIBLE!

Who are these out of touch idiots! Every time I have to renew my license, which of course is a picture ID, I have to take time off of work, drive to some inconvenient area of town wait at the driver’s license bureau for possible an hour or more with snivelling kids, complaining adults, and not enough seats smashed together to sit comfortably if at all.

The thing is I believe that voters should have picture ID, and the “hardships” that the group of people who these idiots say getting a picture ID for is horrible is JUST as horrible for the non-minorities, non-aged, non-poor, groups face EVERY TIME we have to update our picture ID’s too! It’s called doing what you have to preserve your right to vote as a US CITIZEN! Every business and action requires some expense or exertion to be applied.

I have seen poor, handicapped on crutches, wheelchairs, with casts on feet, hands, legs, arms, women with multiple children of al ages, non-english speaking people, and some very senior citizens at the driver’s license in the same waiting room an I! Now these are for both ID cards and drivers license.  What is the big deal?

I just heard on NPR (National Public Radio) a radio article on this very subject. The civil liberties organization in Pennsylvania organized volunteer drivers to transport these groups of  individuals that need to get a photo ID to vote to the proper place to get their picture ID. They threw in the lengthy wait but also said that the picture ID is FREE! Problem solved! In most states that picture ID is valid from 4 to 6 years. It’s not like EVERY election these groups of people have to get another ID! (Well unless they have a state where it’s valid for 4 years and then get it in November of a Presidential election year and they ONLY vote in the Presidential elections!)

The interviewed individual commented that they were bringing these people to get their picture ID’s in a “boomerang” effort to thwart the Republicans attempt to drag down the voting of these people to vote for a Democrat! Such evil as I have NEVER seen!

This just shows that there is a solution for every problem, real or perceived. The American society seems to have degenerated to the point where we find problems that aren’t there. I belong to the VFW and this organization is ALWAYS volunteering rides to those who need one to anywhere, and help when asked. I know that there are other organizations that can be rallied to help individuals get the proper photo ID who need a ride, or assistance. Civic groups, church groups, it happens ALL the time! We’re Americans and that’s what we do, help others!

I do not think that there are many  hardship for someone who WANTS to vote, and wants to get a valid picture ID. It’s just a matter of them asking, and us taking the time to help. Many groups do this on a routine basis daily anyway.

I believe that in these times it is very naive to think that there won’t be groups or individuals that will try to cast illegal votes in major elections, and I think that this practice will escalate in the future, so we need to safe guard our American citizenship right to vote! Remember the old saying “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!”

Don’t be mislead. Those that say this poses an undue hardship on the poor, minorities, and other groups may be the people WANTING to short-circuit the American voting process! Think about IT!


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