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Revolution, Falling Skies TV shows…. Really? blech!

Ever since the Star Trek series have stopped running, with Enterprise as the last installment of the genera, TV has been struggling to produce a descent sci-fi series to entice the sci-fi public. NBC tried to resurrect the tired plot of V.  The ONLY good thing about that resurrection was Morena Baccarin (of Firefly fame) and Elizabeth Mitchell which I really enjoyed in Frequency with Dennis Quaid.  It was ok the first time but trying to resurrect this again shows the lack of creativity of the writers. All the movies today seem to be remakes of past great movies, but the remakes –  not so much!

Now all  the new sci-fi adventures seem show us our future if we re-elect Barack Obama…bleak, miserable, and under some government’s thumb.

Both Revolution and Falling Skies seem to appeal to the survivor sect. No electric power, no modern appliances,  no future, and a human race that is being wiped out in a dismal and disintegrating world and society. It’s kinda like a continuation of the movie War of The Worlds but without the good news at the end.

Like all the new post apocalyptic sci-fi movies and sci-fi TV shows there is no originality, no hope for mankind, and a bleak future for all of us. Sure we fight, and fight to regain ground only to be pushed back to the near brink again.

And in Revolution, it’s amazing the pristine items one can find in an overturned RV that has been on its side for that last 15 years with the windows smashed out! (My author friend Jeff Brackett of another post apocalyptic story, Half Past Midnight noticed that little gem!)

Sorry, but I cannot take all these new sci-fi shows that show how it actually is going to become! At least the Star Trek series’ and the prior Firefly series showed the future in a positive light and gave us all hope; not doom and gloom! The new sci-fi seems to be post apocalyptic-something and if it’s the same story just set under a different tragedy. Poor, poor, human race!

I wrote a novelette called Flat Tire about an alien encounter and I have a sequel in mind.  I suppose if I really put my mind to it, I could serialized this idea and come up with a weekly sci-fi sitcom on the level of the popular sixties TV show My Favorite Martian. Of course with more updated humor! Or also it could become a serious weekly drama with danger, excitement, and serious threats to the Earth! Maybe wipe out a city or two, but NOT the whole earth!

I suppose Revolution will appeal to the post apocalyptic crowd for it has the same dangers as a bombed out world but without the radiation problems. I think that Revolution and Falling Skies are shades of the Mel Gibson Thunderdome movies of past! Well except that Falling Skies does have aliens trying to kill off the human population instead of other humans but same thing!

Besides with my disinterest in Revolution another reason I will probably NOT watch this on Monday nights is that it comes on the same time as Castle which stars Nathan Fillion of Firefly legend  and which is a far more entertaining fictional series as far as I am concerned! And I don’t do DVR.

In closing, if the TV networks wanted to produce a GREAT sci-fi TV series, then they should talk to Nathan Lowell. His excellent series on The Golden Age of the Solar Clipper series is story telling at its zenith! Give them a read, or if you don’t have enough time download the podibook version and listen to them. Utterly fantastic story telling!


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