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What the hell is with the price of apples!

Ok the economy is really spinning out of control! We did our normal groceries shopping this past Saturday. The prices are getting ridiculous! Somewhere in the Bible it teaches the there will be a dime when we will spend out entire weekly pay on food. That time is rapidly approaching.

I have read that if you want to boil a frog, you cannot just drop him in boiling water ’cause he’ll just jump out. But if you put him in a pot of cold water and slowly bring the water to a boil, the he won’t jump out and you can boil a frog.

I have no idea why I brought that up but our food costs are going through the roof! HEB had these samples of apples, and I can’t remember the brand or species, but my wife just HAD to have some. So she bought two that’s 2 in numerical language at $3.98 a pound! Those two extremely delicious apples cost us $5.00 or $2.50 EACH! For someone making $10.00 per hour, that’s 15 minutes work for one apple!

There used to be a comparison in the newspaper, on a weekly basis, that tracked the average cost of a bag of groceries. I haven’t seen that in quite awhile but it used to be real interesting. Anyway, with grocery prices at $2.50 per apple, the Biblical prediction for the price of food is coming to fruition slowly, like that poor frog in the pot of cold water! And we’re the frogs!


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