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I don’t feel inspired! Bummer!

I really don’t know why I am writing this post! Lately, I just don’t feel inspired. I have some stories in progress, and I just cannot seem to make any progress. Maybe it’s because I just started a new job and don’t feel “accepted” as yet. My boss gave me a real nice “Atta Boy” last Friday but as we all know, one can accumulate 1,000 “Atta Boys” but one “Aw Shit!” wipes them ALL out.

I am working on “Vacation Earth”, Alien Singularity”, and “Voice of the Dolphin”.  I am toying with “Age Diet” and “Memory Virus”.  Now stating this may be tantamount to a admitting that I need psychiatric help, but a lot of my ideas come from my bizarre, in living color, dreams!  Maybe not the whole story but certainly some of the ideas and some scenes.

Perhaps I am being a medium between some dead writers and they are giving me stories! (Damn that’s a GOOD story in itself!) But lately I have felt disconnected with my writing. Not exactly writer’s block, but just not willing to sit down, invest the time,  and do the writing either.  I think it stems from putting my other three novelettes out there for free and only getting 2 reviews on one of the stories, “Switched In Time”.

When writing these novelettes, it is very difficult for me to find ANYONE to give it a read and give me some real constructive criticism! When I proof read my own work, I catch a lot of errors, but then I miss some because I KNOW what I WANT to say and my brain inserts that into the story sometimes and misses the actual written word.  I call it writers overlay, I am overlaying my idea of what it should say over what it actually says and miss entirely the error.

My writer friend Jeff Brackett who has ‘Half Past Midnight” published and out there, told me to let my Kindle read the story to me and I would catch the errors better.  I have to do that but my procrastination is getting to me.

Anyway, starting this week, I am going to get back on my writing, my exercising, and my watching what I eat so I can lose weight, get fit, and publish another story. I promise!




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