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Kindle Select Results

Hey gang! Well I took “Flat Tire”, “For The Sake of Art” and “Switched in Time” and put them on Kindle Select in hopes of “getting myself out there”!  Then on March 3rd I ran my books for free for a day.

Well I was really surprised to find out that 89 copies of “Flat Tire” and 29 copies of “Switched in Time” were “sold” that day. Pretty cool for a guy that writes novelettes.

One problem I seem to be having now is formatting. When I “chapterized” my stories I seem to have lost the indentation of the paragraphs and have been trying to fix that now for a week. If anyone else has had this problem let me know.

Also I dreamed a new story last night. I have been having strange dreams of my 2o year dead dad coming back to life. No, not as a zombie but back as, well, Dad.

He gets a job and goes back to work like he hasn’t been dead for the last 20 years. For SOME inane reason that has morphed into a new story called Med Station One.  It’s about an orbiting medical facility that is doing experimental cancer treatments in zero gravity with some astounding results. Then political, financial, and solar problems plague the research and it all goes to hell in a hand basket which is the story.

Funny thing though, for months I haven’t dreamed; or at least I haven’t remembered dreaming. Now I dream very vividly and the next morning I remember them enough to head for the laptop and key in the thoughts on those dreams. That’s where the majority of my stories come from and I have heard the same from other authors.  Maybe we’d have more writers but they just can’t remember their dreams the next morning.



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