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Chapterizing – Not as bad as I had thought

After reading Nathan Lowell’s short “A Light in the Dark” and seeing that he put chapters in his novelette or novella which ever it was, I decided that I needed to put chapters into my three currently finished novelettes.

I was expecting the process to be difficult, I know I am like most humans I put stuff off because I think it’s gonna be a pain in the ass, but really it was quite easy. At first I used Word’s version of adding chapters, but when I tried to upload to Smashwords, it got rejected. However, as nice as the Smashwords editors are, I had a message of why my table of contents was incorrect and was directed to the Smashwords formatting document and had it fixed and uploaded properly in just a few long hours  little span of time.

I think that putting chapters in my novelettes not only makes it easier to read, but gives the work a more finished and professional look.

So everybody go out to either Amazon or Smashwords and if you already have purchased my works then just download the newest version. If you haven’t purchased my works yet, SHAME ON YOU! Go out right NOW and buy my three stories from either Amazon of Smashwords and download and read them NOW.

Now that I have a Kindle, I can take my reading to my, uh, the “reading room”, which was not possible before with a lap top. Well at least not comfortably.


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