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Still editing after all these years………….

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving. I know that I cooked for the Holiday and ate too! Albeit a little, no, way too much.

Editing! When do you stop? It’s amazing that for the short length of my stories I seem to stumble upon little errors every time I go back and re-read my stories. This time I am pod casting and STILL find some errors in my writings. I really don’t have the resources available to afford a professional editor, especially since I write novelettes and novellas. These short stories I am trying to pump out at the rate of one a month and it would cost me a fortune to have it professionally edited.

I suppose this is the quandary that a lot of self publisher face.  I always ask my beta readers and non-professional editors to give me their brutal opinions that I can hopefully fix before I publish, but apparently some still sneak through.  These I caught when I was reading from my Kindle for pod casting.

For those authors that cannot afford to have professional editors, then the second best method, and I don’t mean that in a belittling fashion is to join a writers web site like Dead Robots Society. This is a web site run by authors by authors. Some of these authors are published and you’ll get maybe a couple of reviews of your work before publishing.

Of course writers are a lot tougher on other writers works so you have to have a tough skin to take some of the criticisms, but it will ALWAYS make you a better writer for it. Their comments can show some flaws in writing. Yeah I know, I don’t have flaws either, except for POV problems and not using contractions.

The moral is the more eyes on your work, the better the end product. Like Jeff Brackett, author of “Half Past Midnight” once told me in one of our author brain sessions at work, when you read your own work, you know what you want it to say, so even though it may be in error, your brain translates it to what it should say so you don’t actually see what it does say.

Guess what? He’s right! Imagination is what and abstract reasoning is what all of us fiction writers have, and it serves us to the good, and to our detriment sometimes.

Keep reading! Keep writing! Keep sharing!


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