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Ready to POD Cast! Flat Tire will be first!

Well this weekend I successfully completed my 60 second introduction pod cast file. I uploaded it to and after a couple of trial and errors, got a passing mark from Nathan Lowell. His biggest final comment is that my wave form looks kind of puny but I run it through Levelator. Don’t know what to do there.

Now I am ready to record, and edit my first episode. I am going to start with “Flat Tire”. This novelette should break down to two episodes since the story is about 11,000 words and my benchmark is about 6,000 words or so per half hour of pod cast.

Next will be “For the Sake of Art” and this one will also wind up being about two episodes followed by my largest story to date, “Switched In Time” which will probably produce at least three episodes.

So, hopefully, after a few weeks I will have 7 episodes to post to Podiobooks on my first three stories. I am hoping that this will generate more interest in my writings and me!

Keep reading and listening!


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