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Switched In Time – An Informal Review

I had some comments from a friend who downloaded “Switched In Time!”. She said she enjoyed the story and that with some of the time travel stories she has read it was difficult reading when the story switched between different times. She said it was hard to determine what time the story line was talking about in these other time stories.

However, when I asked her about my story, (I really wanted to interrogate her on the story but I held back), she said that the triple asterisk delimitation I used to signal a change to in either the past or present time kept the story straight in her mind. Cool! At least I did one thing right!

I now have a conundrum.  I just finished reading Nathan Lowell’s “Novel Bites” story A Light In The Dark and he divided this 21,600 word story into Twenty-Two Chapters. This length registers as a novella so now my conundrum is whether to divide my novelettes and novella into chapters.

Since I am now using the following word count to determine what  work of art my stories fall under, I need to do research on when I should divide my works into chapters.

  • Novelette: A work of art at least 7,500 words but under 17,500 words.
  • Novella: A work of art at least 17,500 words but under 40,000 words.

I originally had a word length of a novelette of up to 25,000 words, but upon examination on the WWW, that word length didn’t hold up.  As my verboseness in my writing increases, I inch more and more into the novella arena and hopefully some day into the novel arena which by then I will certainly need to write with chapterizing in mind.



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