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Pod Casting Coming Soon

Hello and I hope y’all had a GREAT weekend! Well I am going to venture into the world of pod casting. Nathan Lowell suggested that I need to do pod casting in order to increase my following and in turn increase the sales of my published works.

I have bought a Zoom H1 and have been experimenting with this cool little device. It is extremely sensitive and will pick p stomach grumbling, and a lot of ambient noises. The room that is being recorded in can also contribute the the negative or positive sound quality. A room with a lot of hard, reflective surfaces and cause that “gymnasium” echo sound. Additionally, it’s best to get a little tripod or stand to mount the Zoom on. Just doing the mounting eliminated sounds from moving the device and from my hand on the device. Having a room that is acoustically neutral is the most desirable. No echos an no ambient sounds. Some people record in their walk-in closets since the hanging clothes serve as sound deadening.

Now once the recording is made, you have to put on the hat of sound engineer. I downloaded Audacity which is the software to manipulate and edit the recoding, and Levelator, software that “normalizes” or levels out the sound recording. Things like clipping out unwanted sounds or replacing them with ambient room noises, and adding a music sound track all of that is done using Audacity or a similar audio editing software.

I plan on doing pod casts on my current stories through but probably not until first quarter 2012. I have to finish Christmas 2159 for Christmas 2011. Some of my writer friends said that this is my best story to date. It has some political views but then the whole story is based on the latest ridiculous political fad; a fad that could cost all of us in the USA our free speech.


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