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Real Steel – Good Movie!

OK I don’t do this much, well never,  but  I just got back from the movie “Real Steel” about a father and his son that he never had a relationship with fighting this junk-yard robot and getting to the championship battle with undefeated Zeus. Cool movie, I would recommend it to any dad to go see with his son.

This movie reminded me of me and my son David, when he was about 10 and I dumped in $50.00 in quarters at an arcade game at a put-put course. We must have played for a couple of hours and finally, together, we beat the game. I don’t remember what the game was but I remember that scene with him and I and how triumphant he was that together we beat the video game. This movie moved me in the same manner that the video game win moved my son and I so many years ago.

Just thought I’d tell y’all!




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