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Published! Great! Now I gotta advertise!

OK, I have published my first three novelettes and although they aren’t perfect I feel satisfaction in having published them. I still proof read the copy and make corrections and then  upload the new copy. That part of the publishing is going GREAT! I have sold copies, mostly to friends and family but now I have to consider the bigger picture and advertise to get people pointed to my writings. This website is particularly aimed at that end.

I have read a lot on self-published authors advertising and I have completed my first stage in my advertising, one I want to call the “Personal Touch”.

I have created a business card that has this web address printed and the QR code for easy access to this web site.






This is the front of my new advertising biz card. A little showy but I want it to be memorable.  Although the QR code has this web site and all a visitor has to do is click on a picture to get to a site where the book is sold, I included a few of the more popular sites were my book is being sold for those that don’t have a lot of technology savvy.






This is the back and shows the three novelettes that I currently have published.  It also shows my “tag line”, “Snack Reading” and Can be read in about an hour.  I imagine that all of my novelettes will bear the snack reading logo or until I get into writing novellas and novels, which won’t be very soon.

Along with this personal advertising, I am going to do fliers similar to the card, but with front and back on the front of the flier with a larger 6″ square QR code and little rip off tabs on the bottom for those who don’t do QR snapping.  This fliers will be put up on the grocery store bulletin boards and any store that has a bulletin board for the public.

Wish me luck!







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