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Snack Reading

OK, so now you’re probably asking what is the little lunchbox with “Snack Reading” in it on all of my book covers on the lower left. It’s my branding on the type of stories I am currently writing. Story sizes fall in the following categories:

  • Flash Fiction: 1 – 500 words (Yeah the 1 word story is the hardest!)
  • Short, short: 501 – 1,999 words.
  • Short story:  2,000 – 7,499 words (Though some magazines, e Zines consider 4,999 the limit)
  • Novelettes: 7,500 – 49,999 (My area of writing)
  • Novellas: 25,000 – 49,999
  • Novels: 50,000 and up (mainstream printed novels are almost always 80,000 and up)

OK, so that is how the paper publishing market goes. Now comes the eBook market and the rules have changed some. Authors are self-publishing stories of all lengths.

My “Snack Reading” are novelettes that are just right for about an hour’s worth of reading. While in the dentist/doctor’s waiting room or waiting for tires to be put on your vehicle, or just as a lunch pick me up or for an escapism for an hour. You don’t need to invest days to finish a novel, especially if you don’t have the time.

Just like in eating, it is better to eat 5 little meals a day instead of 3 big meals. It’s better to read my three published novelettes than to invest into one 330 page novel.

With the Kindles, Sonys, and Nooks as full time readers plus software that can turn smart phones in to e Readers, people can now read anywhere and everywhere and purchase and download eBooks in an instant.

So come on now, down load my stories and have a nice little break from reality, from the grind wife, kids, and job. Put a little fiction in your life, if even only for about an hour.


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