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Like DUH! What’s next?

OK, I am a struggling writer but unlike our authors of yesteryear, where they had a typewriter and that was about it, now writers of today have to be computer savvy,  need to know how to build and maintain a web site. Also for writers like myself who create novelettes, I need to create my own covers for my eBooks, which in itself requires a cover program (preferably free) gathering all the free fonts and pictures I can get, and hope I have enough art talent to create appealing covers that will attract readers!

I have loaded my published book covers along with the next six or so stories that I have on tap for this year and some of next year. These stories are in various stages of development, and some are in various states of writers block as well. OK, I hate to say writers block, lets just say stories needing additional insight into plot direction.

One thing I have learned and am now working on is character emotion.  It is not necessary the primary emotion but little phrases like “he was angry and furrowed his brow”. The last part “he furrowed his brow” gives the reader a physical trait to the emotion which to me can be shown on one’s mind’s eye easier or in conjunction with the stated emotion.  I think it adds the “technicolor” aspect to writing like the wide screen and color adds to a movie.

I am hoping to finish next year the backlog of stories that I have been developing over the last 20 years and keep y’all informed on the progress of the creation of these stories. I would be nice to have a following that reads all my stories (not just for the monetary re-numerations) but for the feed back on things like:

  • Is my character development improving?
  • Are the execution of my plots clear?
  • Do the emotions of my characters show convincingly?

Writing is like being a lawyer or being in the medical profession: we practice it!


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