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Story Covers, Time, and Thoughts

Being the writer of novelettes means that to self publish, I need a cover for every story. Although Lindsay does great cover work, at $75.00 a pop it can be an expensive especially when I am writing a new story every month or so. So based on a cover a month 75.00 x 12 =$900.00. No, it’s now a terribly expensive spread out, I mean $75.00 a month doesn’t seem like a lot, but if I can design my own quality story covers, then that’s $75.00 I don’t have to spend, and that’s time I don’t have to burn waiting for someone else design my cover.

One thing we all don’t seem to have lately is a lot of time. Sure there are the same number of hours in the day, but they are split up among a lot more things the older you get.  Have a look.

OK, I’m 20. I work, go to school, spend time with my girlfriend and visit my parents, and party and manage to get in enough studying to maintain Magna Cum Laude status. BUT I am also, young, energetic.

Now, I’m 35, married, have 2 kids, a house, 2 cars. I have my job to contend with, some over time, individual time to spend with each kid, and my wife.  Gotta do some of the car repairs because we can’t afford the normal maintenance so I change the oil, rotate the tires, do minor repairs. The lawn needs mowing weekly, the house needs repairs. We need to do stuff as a family.  And I have to squeeze some school in there to keep my education current. Now I have the same time pie with a LOT more little slices coming out.

Now I am, well, approaching my Golden Years and writing. I have 12 grand-kids, 9 from my 3 kids 3 from my wife’s 2 kids, oh yeah, along the way I got divorced and remarried.  I have work, home repairs and maintenance, I don’t do much of my own car maintenance any more except for maybe brake changes. I write, and edit, edit, edit, edit, have a relationship with my 12 grand-kids 5 kids, wife, wife’s family, and have to handle getting older and all that that entails.

Now I forgot why I came here! Oh yeah, time! When I finish a story and have done the dozens of  edits (seems like dozens) and I am ready to self publish, I want my cover ready. If I can design nice looking covers for my story using cheap or free software like Inksape and IrfanView and Paint, using free fonts and public-domain pictures, then I get my covers that I want and I get them at the time I want.



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