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Holiday story – Christmas 2159

Some time ago, I started a story titled “Christmas 2159“. It started out as a story about Jack who lives in a world where political correctness is law, world economy sucks, and illegal immigration is literally fought off on all of the New United States of America borders, with the the immigrant bodies being sent to the pet food industries.

Jack is trying to create a holographic depiction of how Christmas was celebrated the centuries before political correctness outlawed the celebration in public of religious holidays.  He is collecting old videos, still photography, cards, decorations, etc.,  from family members to create this holographic celebration that will be shared with his close family and closest of friends.

However, he has to be careful because if the PCP (Political Correctness Police) get wind of this, or if any of his audience is “offended” by this display of blatant disregard of the political correctness laws, then he could serve a one to five year sentence on the border walls fighting the thousands of illegal immigrants that try to gain illegal entrance to the N.U.S.A. from all borders on an daily basis.

One of my coworker/writers thought the idea was a cool idea and that I should try to finish developing it before the holiday season. Perhaps I’ll enter the Ron L. Hubbard Future Writers of America monthly contest in December with this story.

Keep reading, and I’ll keep writing!


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