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My Writing Process – Odd thinking

When I wrote “Flat Tire”   I had friends and such ask me how I get my ideas. Some of them I can honestly say, “I don’t know.” But with Flat Tire, I know exactly where the idea came from.

One of my creative writing teachers, I went to a couple of these, told the class on time that if you run out of ;ideas, then try to develop a story from an ordinary everyday object or event. I thought of the comedian Jonathan Winters, and one Sunday while watching the Ed Sullivan show with my parents, which was probably my earliest recollection, and he told the audience he could do a comedy routine with what ever they threw up on the stage to him. He would get thrown objects and think for a few seconds, and then come up with some funny routine.

Somebody threw him up a wallet and he held it like a gun and said, “Laugh at my flat gun, bang, bang, well it shoots flat bullets!” I thought that was brilliant.

On nasty rainy fall morning in New Orleans, I was working across the lake. I drove the causeway to work saw this car with its flasher’s’ on, a third trimester pregnant young mother standing behind her car, under a golf umbrella in the rain looking totally miserable. This was in the lat 80’s early 90’s when cell phones were outrageously expensive and not very common.

I stopped behind her car, put on my flasher’s and offered to change her tire. She thanked me profusely and offered to pay me $10. I naturally refused helped her into her car, and she drove away smiling and so did I. She was VERY beautiful. Coal black hair, emerald-green eyes, about 5′ 4″ . Wow!

Then, that night I thought beautiful woman, in trouble, extraterrestrial, doctor, desert, and “Flat Tire” evolved. No,  I am NOT going to tell you the whole story you’ll just have to buy it. But the nucleus for a story can come from anywhere.  But I also reason that all artists are imaginative, which is why we’re artists.


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