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Jeff Brackett – Post apocalyptic novel “Half Past Midnight”

One writer that is going to make his mark in the world is my friend and co-worker, Jeff Brackett. His new book, which is being edited for the 2 millionth time will hopefully make its debut before his death in 40 or 50 years.

The story of a Houston family, the father who is a survivalist with his wife, daughter and son live through the nuclear destruction of Houston by escaping to his mother in laws home in the country. The problems that follow this family trying to survive and the changes in the attitudes of the members of this family toward the public, each other and within themselves, and the change from a civilized world where everything is available at stores to having to scrounge and rebuild communities is right on! 

The realism in this story is frightening and will cause you to think!

Visit Jeff’s websight at:

Tell ’em Barry sent ya!


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