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Snack Reading – Escapism for about an hour or so!

So what do you do in the dentist/doctors waiting room, or the Discount Tire waiting room or any waiting room where you have to wait an hour or more? Do you read the old magazines which usually are geared for women with maybe a token magazine that a man would read? Or how about listening to that stale list of songs on your iPod or MP3 player? Whoopee what a fun way to pass the time!

Well now you have another option! If you have an eBook reader or a smart phone with the software to read eBooks you can immerse yourself into another world of Snack Reading! You can escape your waiting room prison, even if only in your mind!

I write sci-fi novelettes, stories between 7,500 words to 25,000 words that can usually be read in an hour or so. These stories are reminiscent of Twilight Zone type stories, short stories centered around the people with science fiction as a backdrop, or prop with some humor and twists.

Traditional paper publishers and had problems with novelettes because they generally were too long for a magazine article and too short for a book.  Novelette authors had to either chop the story to fit in the magazines 5,000 word or less requirement or pad the store to bloated 80,000 – 100,000 words to be able to see as a book, or package multiple novelettes together for an anthology book printing.

Well now with eBook publishing, novelette and even short story authors can self publish and have their work enjoyed in thousands or waiting rooms, bus and train rides, or lengthy car pool rides around America and the world!

Keep reading, America!



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