Not your normal science fiction.


I am currently having “Switched in Time” published through Book Venture. It’s a long process but I hope to have the book out within the next several weeks. I’ll Keep you posted.

Switched in Time

David, a single 45-year-old while going to his mother’s house on Saturday morning during a severe thunderstorm has three bolts of lightning strike immediately in front of his car. Unbeknownst to him, the same thing happens to him in 25 years ago.

A worm hole forms and David of 1999 switches places with David of 1974.

Back in 1974 when David and Marilyn, were an item,  David’s girlfriend broke off their relationship because of his college majors.

But, he hasn’t stopped loving her for 25 years.

Now switched in time, his break up was only one month ago and not 25 years ago. He and Marilyn meet and she falls in love with the 45 year old David.

David’s  in 1999 has a 26-year-old neighbor, has two Doctorates in quantum physics. He’s working with the younger David in the present, 1999, to solve the problem.