From the mind of an independent writer.


Zane Bernard  just made partner with his company, Bernard Advertising Company, owned by his uncle. He is the youngest at 28 and has a Master Degree in Advertising and Marketing.

In celebration, he buys a home out-of-town in a new subdivision with acre lots. As with most new master developments, the roads are all in but, he has one of the few lots that have a completed home.  His best friend, Bubba, convinced him to have a combination new home, and partnership party in his new home.

While cleaning up his home after the party, when he goes to the put the garbage in the cans on the side of his home, he notices a green glimmer in his fence-less, barren, neighborless, back yard.

He goes into his yard to investigate the glimmer, and bangs his head on something that isn’t there. Or isn’t visible, anyway. He finds out it is an alien saucer and the dying alien within the saucer tells him he has 10 days to save his world and the solar system from a black hole. It acted to power the orbiting observation platform, and is threatening to break containment and devour any planets, moons, or solar systems around for millions of miles.  The alien tasks him to save his solar system, then the alien dies.

Between him, the living saucer, and a nosy reporter on the next street over, the adventure of a lifetime begins!