My Voice – The Daily Rant!


Well it finally happened! After a twenty-five year stretch I finally finished “Voice of the Dolphin – The Beginning “. First draft topped out at 33,351 words and I expect that to grow to at least 40k by the time the second draft has been completed. So how many drafts are there you ask? Glad you asked. It goes like this.

  1. 1st draft, as described so delicately by Earnest Hemingway:
    Ernest Hemingway

    “The first draft of anything is shit.”

    Ernest Hemingway

    All righty then so now I know where my first draft stands. Now my second draft I go through and make sure there is continuity. If the girlfriend is Natalie at the beginning then she better damn well not be Jennifer any where in the story. It sound stupid but it happens. There are some movies where the continuity controller screwed up.

P.S. I Love You (2007)

Continuity mistake: After Gerry gets smacked in the face by the ‘broken’ suspender clasp, we see the silver clasp land under the dresser. Yet, when he’s moaning and lifting his leg to get onto the bed, we can actually see the clasp still intact on the front suspender that came loose, which is dangling right behind him (just look between his legs). Of course, in the next shot, that clasp is gone. Since the silver clasp is one of the plot points, this is bizarre to say the least.

My second pass is  the spelling pass. This may sound stupid with spelling checks and all but sometimes the automatic spell check changes a word to one that is not even close to the word that I was thinking of in the sentence.

My third pass is the punctuation pass. Yeah, I still have problems with commas and stuff.

My fourth pass after all the above are done is the readability. How does it read? Is it too formal? Is it too casual? Will it be acceptable to wide audience. I general try to write for the over 18 audience. I want my stories not t have someone to need a dictionary to get through the story. So I suppose my stories would be what is called Young Adult. But that doesn’t mean that’s the ONLY audience that reads the story.

I had a mother give me 5 stars on Switched in Time and said she read some of the story to her daughter over the phone and that her daughter was hooked and had to read the story.  Now that is like way cool! She said she is anxious for my next story and to please not stop writing! I love her!

My reviews average out to a 4, and to me that is significant. I use the modified Olympics method and discard the 1’s and 2’s and it all looks good to me! At least people are reading my stories! That’s all I can ask.

Thing is if you’re a writer, and you are thin skinned, then forget writing and being a stand up comedian. But, if your skin has a thickness to it, the damn the torpedoes and full speed ahead!!




I have had my three stories out there for a few years now. I have taken them down, and performed an edit when my readers find specific problems with my writing. I thank all my readers for downloading my stories and reading them. I thank my readers that post reviews on what they thought of the story. Now writers have to be like stand up comedians; be prepared for the criticism, and have a tough skin.

I have gotten 4’s and 5’s, and 3’s and 2’s and 1’s and that is perfectly fine. Those that like the store and give me a 3-5 but tell me that there are some grammatical problems that need to be fixed, I love y’all to death. Those that say it was the ‘worst piece of trash that they have ever read’ or ‘it’s been done’ or ‘the story reads like an 8th grade project’, well I thank you also. People who truly enjoy reading will find good in any story, well practically.

Those wanna be writers but can’t, (and some become critics) are the ones that will NEVER be satisfied with any author’s work. Like a food critic. Although the best review for restaurants when I was living home in New Orleans, and a traveling food critic was sampling foods from “holes in the wall” restaurants in New Orleans and Metairie  said, ” Out of all the holes in the wall eateries I have tried, after eating at all the little hardly known places in the New Orleans area, I have but one thing to say; the were all good!!!” Reviews like this are absolutely fantastic and far and few in-between.


Story reviews are like the Olympics; disregard the very high and very low reviews and concentrate on the middle. This is where the REAL readers live.

So whadda y’all think?



Well fans 2149 is going swimmingly. I’m in the final scenes of the story. I like how my characters are reacting and have introduced a new element, the 1stErs. This is an underground group gaining political clout to end political correctness and give us back our1st amendment rights of freedom of speech and expression no matter who it offends.
Political Correctness is the enemy of our most cherished rights…freedom of speech!!!


Well I just hit 40k words on AS. The book has passed the “critical mass” point and is now directing me. The may hit 50k words.
If this hits 50k then I’m gonna need an editor. This will be big enough for a young adult novel. I need to talk to Jeff Brackett about editing costs etc..


Well the Voice of the Dolphin – The Beginning is still in progress. It appears that the story is still not finished with me writing it. “It” keeps telling me to just add this, fix this, need more. more, more!
I suppose it is just as well. I am almost at 30 k words and it may venture into 40k words.

The other two that I have brainstormed a little on “Voice of the Dolphin – Dolphin Revolt” and “Voice of the Dolphin – Around the World” are beginning to outline well.

Once I finish Beginning, I am hoping to have around 50k words and have it professionally edited. Something I just couldn’t afford with the novelettes.


OK, I’d really like to see that in all the major papers. One thing I found in in writing “Voice” is that once a story being written hits its “critical mass” it takes over the story writing. The story tells the writer when it has finished with him or her and at that point, and only at that point, is the writer allowed to finish the story.
I thought I had finished “Voice of the Dolphin”, my 20 years in the writing story, but apparently not. It said “not done yet Barry!”
I wrote four more chapters and have ideas for at least two more sequels and possibly five more sequels!! My characters keep adding depth to their “acting” and I’m getting to like them a lot. Hopefully VOD – The Beginning will be finished soon and I can proof it for a few times an hopefully hire a professional editor to help edit and market the first story and maybe the sequels.
This is what I have so far:
Voice of the Dolphin – The Beginning
Voice of the Dolphin – Dolphin Revolt
Voice of the Dolphin – Around The World
The last two books are currently just very basic ideas, but also this series could go to infinity and beyond!


Happy New Year everyone! I spent my holiday time editing my published works. Flat Tire, For the Sake of Art, and Switched in Time were re-edited based on some of the same comments from my readers. I’m  not going to tell you what got edited you’ll just have to read them again.

My schedule releases have changed. Haven’t been having much progress on my new writings.

Vacation Earth – Kind  of stalled right now. I know where the plot needs to go but I’m having some problems with the middle.

My Dad the Computer – I’ve actually been working on this for the last 20 years! I know right! I just keep pushing other projects ahead of this one. I am also having a problem with the middle to the ending.

Voice of the Dolphin – 1st draft completed. Second draft underway. Lots of new ideas on this.

Alien Singularity – 2nd draft underway. Some parts are getting a total renewal, but that’s writing.

Christmas 2149 – Still first draft. I might be 2149 before I finish! The beginning has too much overview like five pages. Cut it down to a page and the characters will fill in what I want by their actions and conversations.

Age Diet – Have done some work on this. Still not sure on the plot but it’s getting there.

Memory Virus – Still mostly in the idea, brain storm level.

Penal Colony – Under way even though my writing on this is like every few months. It too need more brain storming and all. It also needs a book cover that I am having a hard time visualizing.

So that’s my update for 2014. Making progress but as a part time writer. Come on Lotto, then I could write full time AND afford a good editor.


Well I have finished the first draft of both Voice and Alien. I am now in the 2nd draft of both and just don’t have enough time in the day to work on both. I also still need to fix the three novelettes I have published already. Problems have been pointed out to me and in reading them again, I really need to do another draft.

Alien and Voice are in the novella area now and both are going over 40k words. They may even go higher with some of the rewrites. I am adding more emotion to my scenes in the way of subtle body motions like we do in real life. You know shrugs, eye rolls, sighs etc. It adds more realism to the scenes.

If they get to the 50k size I may see if i can publish them as books, and if I do I may hire a professional editor. My friend Jeff Brackett, writer of Half Past Midnight, and other works seems to be doing well and raves about his editor.  He as several blogs and belongs to everything writing. I am still just a hobbyist and if I really want to get serious I have to pump up the volume so to speak.


Hey y’all! Looking at my last post, April, it’s been a few months! Oops! I have finished first draft of Alien Singularity and Voice of the Dolphin! Whoop!

I now have them “proofing”. Kind of like what a baker does when he makes bread. He leaves the dough for a few hours to rise or “proof”. In my case, I leave the stories to sit for awhile so I can come back and edit them with a fresh view. So I am hoping my beta readers, (gotta find some first) will have these stories before the holidays I’ll let you know.






For those non-Christians, that is the response to “He is risen!” The statement and answer the over two billion Christians proudly pronounced our Savior alive and within our ranks! Yes I am a Christian and have been all my life. For many years, though, I was not a practicing Christian and I rarely spoke to Jesus. However an event happened to me on Oct. 2003 on the streets of Houston at lunch—I was born again and committed my life to Jesus Christ!

Since the I have a voracious appetite for reading anything that furthers my knowledge of the Bible. Did you know that there are over 20,000 copies of the New Testament and that the amount of errors between these over the centuries is less than 1% and that the errors or differences do not pertain to the Christian basic belief? Most errors are spelling errors or word interpretation errors.  Like using Jesus Christ in one copy and Our Lord in another. It doesn’t change the belief.

The only other book that has numerous is Homer’s Odyssey. I think the number of surviving manuscripts is 90. Reading books like A case for Christ by Lee Strobel who’s personal journey as a Chicago newsman and a devout anesthetist in the beginning, proved to himself in his research that Christ is real, Jesus lives, and is now a devout Christian.

As I am proving more, and more to myself that Jesus Christ is my Savior and that he died on the cross for our sins so that we may all go to heaven and be with him put pure joy in my life!

On this Easter Sunday night, yes I watched the Bible, I wish all of you the love of Jesus and if you’re not already a Christian look into Christianity and not just from a passing view. I find it difficult NOT to believe. One paper I wrote in College, Belhaven University a Christian university was a paper on the disciples of Jesus.  All of them died for preaching the word of Jesus and would you die for a lie? If it wasn’t true, would you continue preaching His word knowing once you get caught it meant a horrific torture and death? No I think not!

But on this most holy of Christian days when Jesus Christ arose from the dead and proved he was the son of God, I wish all of you a very happy Easter.